2019 Honda Civic Hatchback for sale near me

June 4th, 2019 by

The 2019 Honda Civic Hatchback gets high points for consistency, and has a great legacy to live up to, so here’s what’s new and what’s better with the new model.

2019 Honda Civic Hatchback Driving

The Civic hatch has a 1.5-liter turbo engine which makes it a great performer. It has a nicely balanced chassis, and the extra mass of the hatch body mutes things a bit compared to the sedan.

The acceleration is top notch since the 1.5-liter engine kicks in at just the right moment to make your ride a breeze. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in 7.3 seconds which is much, much better than most of its rivals.

The braking system inspires a lot of confidence for everyday drivers. It has a very firm pedal which is easy to engage, and it performed exceptionally well in the emergency stop tests that it went through during the testing phase. The best test showed it had a stopping distance of 111 feet.

As far as steering goes, the car handles well at low speeds as well as higher speeds such as when you’re driving on the highway. The response is quick and direct as the wheel feels good in the hands. And the handling is great since the car provides an excellent grip which remains stable while rounding sharp corners.

2019 Honda Civic Hatchback Comfort

The seats in the Civic Hatchback are soft to touch and the 18-inch tires in the Sport Touring version makes a smooth ride. The road noise and vibrations that are ever present on the road are considerably dampened in the Hatchback, and the wind noise isn’t detectable at all.

The climate control in the Hatchback is great and the touch screen makes it easy to select all of the options to keep the cabin comfortable for your journey ahead.

There Civic hatchback cockpit not only seems to be inviting, it also features very large door openings that make it easy to get in and out, and the doors are short enough so that even the tightest parking spots will allow for easy entry.

2019 Honda Civic Hatchback Technology

It features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the texting function is one of the best improvements over the last model. The best part about the Civic Hatchback tech additions is the audio and navigation system. It allows for many options in the infotainment system, including playing music and radio. The navigation system also provides smooth sailing on your way to your destination.


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