2019 Honda Odyssey for sale near me

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The 2019 Honda Odyssey is a minivan that is built for the family and is the best all-purpose vehicle built to get you to anywhere the road takes you. The Honda Odyssey is a solid car that comes along with all the bells and whistles you need for every occasion.

2019 Honda Odyssey Styling

The grille, the headlights, and the LED running light shapes around the car are great features which make the exterior a sight to behold, serving function as well as well as fashion. The grille improves aerodynamics and fuel efficiency with shutters, and the LED lights are great for foggy nights.

2019 Honda Odyssey Performance

The Honda Odyssey has a great reputation for strong acceleration and the tidy road manners it has. It is much lighter and stiffer than the previous model in 2018. The result is a vehicle that shares qualities with both a truck and an SUV.

There is a rear stabilizer bar that helps keep things tidy across uneven roads, and thus, there is a feeling of driving on a steady road even if the one beneath your wheels isn’t. Honda even went as far as to employ a sound deadening carpet, acoustic foam, and thicker front glass, keeping the car quiet and very isolated from the outside world.

2019 Honda Odyssey Technology

The interior of the Odyssey features an 8-inch high-resolution touch screen for infotainment purposes. This screen can be used to set the temperature, to use auto navigation services, to connect with your smartphone, and to play music. The car is equipped with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so it will connect with most smartphones available in the world.

There are two features called CabinWatch and CabinTalk which are designed to help the driver see and communicate with children and other passengers in the rear seat. The former uses an infrared camera in order to display the feed of the rear seats to a monitor and the latter pauses any streaming audio being played through headphones in order to broadcast the driver’s voice.

2019 Honda Odyssey Safety

The standard safety gear aboard the Odyssey gives it a solid safety rating. The Honda Odyssey has great crash test scores, and Federal testers gave it a five-star overall score, including four stars for the calculated rollover resistance test. The Honda Odyssey clearly takes safety very seriously knowing your family will use for every single trip to the school, to the grocery store, the mall, or a restaurant.

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