2019 Honda Passport for sale near me

July 2nd, 2019 by

The 2019 Honda Passport is not just another SUV, the interior and the engine speak volumes about how it is so much more than that.

2019 Honda Passport Technology

There are various modern technology bells and whistles in the Passport that you can take advantage of. There is an adaptive cruise option, the audio and navigation systems are all great and allow for a great utilization of cabin space and for great sound adjustments.

The car also comes with the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It has two 2.5 amp USBs in the front which can be used for data transfer and for charging your mobile device. There is also a wireless charger up front along with two 12 volt power outlets.

2019 Honda Passport Interior

The interior has a great combination of visibility and practicality with the driving position upright and high, and just what SUV buyers are in search for.

The infotainment system installed in the Passport is very easy to use, and has a unique push-button style shifter saving space. The seat feels high even at its lowest setting, and the steering wheel has the ability to adjust to any height.

2019 Honda Passport Utility

The 2019 Honda Passport offers a great combination of roominess and a significant amount of cargo area, and when it comes to hauling, you could not have picked a better vehicle.  There are many storage bins in the interior which can come in handy for everything from small items to child safety accommodations.

The entire body of the Passport is rated for pulling nearly 5000 pounds of weight. The AWD Passport’s towing capacity matches that of the rest of the class, but it does require the Honda towing package.

2019 Honda Passport Comfort

The Passport has a very spacious interior, and the comfort level of the vehicle is much higher than many in its class. The climate control and the heated and ventilated seats available make the entire experience come together so that you don’t have to go the extra mile for comfort. The Passport offers a gentle ride, with the powerful suspension absorbing most of the shocks that you can get on the road.

2019 Honda Passport Driving

The Passport has a powerful engine and a transmission that has full manual control when you need it. It has nearly above-average handling for sharp turns and executing those fast maneuvers. The 2019 Passport is a class leader when it comes to the road driving experience.


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