Schaller Honda Lease Buyback Program

Honda Lease Buy Back

Honda Lease Return
Benefit From Schaller Honda’s Lease Buyback Program

If you are coming up on the end of your lease on a car or truck, you may soon have to return it to a Honda dealership.

What Are Your Options as Your Lease Reaches Expiration?

It is a great idea to begin thinking about your options well in advance of the expiration of your lease. Especially if you have a year or less. Our professionals at Schaller Honda can help explain the various options and which one would be best for your situation. Here are the options to choose from:

1) Return your leased Honda and buy or lease a new Honda

This option is convenient and the best of all, you get to drive off in a brand new Honda! Contact us to hear about the latest models and discuss your options. Contact us before the expiration of your lease to discuss the steps involved and help arrange an inspection. Having an inspection completed in advance of returning your vehicle gives you time to fix any needed repairs.

What you will need when you return your leased Honda:

  •   All keys to leased vehicle
  •   Owner’s manual
  •   Maintenance records
  •   Vehicle Return Receipt and Odometer Disclosure Statement
  •   Vehicle Inspection Report
  •   Receipts for completed repairs, if any


2) “Trade-In” your leased Honda early – prior to the end of the lease term
Honda vehicles hold their value very well. If you have taken good care of your Honda, you could be in an equity position relative to the residual you owe the lessor. If so, let us purchase your Honda for the residual value and apply the equity toward the lease or purchase of a new vehicle. This equity coupled with our $300 return incentive and current lease and purchase offers from Schaller Honda means you could get into a new vehicle with a lower payment!

3) Return your leased Honda to us even if you did not lease it from us
Your lease will conclude at the end of the term when you turn it into us. You will need to schedule a free vehicle inspection during the last two months of your lease. Having an inspection completed in advance of returning your vehicle gives you time to fix any needed repairs. You will be responsible for any outstanding payments, excess wear and use, excess mileage, and any other end-of-term obligations specified in your lease agreement. We will make it simple for you – just contact or visit us and we can take care of arranging the inspection and any necessary paperwork.

4) Purchase your leased Honda
Let’s face it – you loved your leased Honda. Buying your vehicle is a fantastic way to continue to benefit from a Honda’s reliability and high resale value. If you decide to buy your vehicle, there is no need to have it inspected since there are no charges to worry about. We offer low financing rates and extended protection plans to lessees who wish to purchase a leased vehicle.